Creole Cottage

Creole Cottage

The Creole Cottage was introduced to New Orleans by Haitian refugees in the 1790s. Creole cottages are square of rectangular, have four bays are raised only a few steps. The typically have four rooms arranged symmetrically and two small “cabinets” in the rear. A spiral staircase, that leads up to the attic used as a bedroom, is placed in one of the cabinets. The Creole Townhouse shares some similar characteristics with the Creole Cottage like a steep pitched roof, but has a different layout. The townhouse is long and rectangular and has two to four stories. The first floor consists of double parlors one behind the other, while the top stories have a large room in the front and a second room in the rear. There is often a balcony on the front façade of upper stories. There are many different styles of Creole townhouses including the entresol and porte-cochere.


You can usually find this type of architectural style in the following neighborhoods around New Orleans:

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