Preservation Salvage Store-Architectural Salvage

Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9am – 4:30pm

2801 Marais St
New Orleans, LA 70117

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Rebuilding Together New Orleans, a program of the Preservation Resource Center, started its Deconstruction and Salvage Program and its not-for-profit Preservation Salvage Store in 2007 to address the need of saving reusable materials for both functional purposes and architectural preservation. Maintained by Rebuilding Together New Orleans through the organization’s Deconstruction and Salvage Program and through community donations, the Preservation Salvage Store converts donated and salvaged materials and supplies into charitable dollars dedicated to rebuilding homes in New Orleans; thus ensuring preservation remains a key component to the rebuilding process.

Because the salvaged architecture and building supplies sold at the Preservation Salvage Store are a quintessential element of the culture and history of New Orleans, maintaining and protecting this significant part of the city’s heritage is the key foundation of the Preservation Salvage Store. With the continued efforts of Rebuilding Together New Orleans and its Deconstruction and Salvage Program, the Preservation Salvage Store has created a positive impact within the city and continues to progress as each item is salvaged and kept from landfill.

Materials available for purchase include: corbels, doors, windows, iron railings, flooring, bricks, lumber, and more!

Buying from the Preservation Salvage Store helps residents meet facade requirements for houses in historic districts around the city and allows them to fill in gaps in the structure of their homes rather than building anew.

If you are looking for a particular item come on down to the store and ask one of our helpful staff members, or give us a call or contact the store by email here.

We also welcome donations!

Click here to review our donation policy and the types of materials we accept.

Proceeds from the store benefit the rebuilding efforts of Rebuilding Together New Orleans.

The Preservation Salvage Store, Rebuilding Together New Orleans, and the Preservation Resource Center are all proud members of the ReUse District.

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