Information for Homeowners

If you are an Orleans Parish homeowner and would like to learn more about how Rebuilding Together New Orleans may be able to help you, please email or call (504) 636-3061.

Basic Eligibility

+ Homeowners must own a house in one of the following neighborhoods:

Algiers Riverview
Esplanade Ridge/Tremé
Faubourg St. Roch
Holy Cross

+ Must be a low-income household

+ RTNO prioritizes homeowners by need:
60 years or older
Military veteran
Single head of household

Repairs Provided

Safe at Home Program
+ Wheelchair Ramps
+ Steps, Landings and Handrails
+ Grab Bars
+ Bathroom and Kitchen Repairs
+ Widening Doorways
+ Proper Ventilation
+ Smoke Alarms
+ Remove Tripping Hazards

Energy-Efficiency Program
+Seal Air Leaks
+Weatherize Doors
+Insulate Attic
+Glaze Windows

Disaster Recovery Program
+ Full Rehabilitations

For more information or to apply:
(504) 636-3061

Please use the interactive Google Map below to view the boundaries of the neighborhoods we work in and see if your home is in our target neighborhood.

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