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Melanie Edmond

Melanie Edmond, 66 years old, born and raised in New Orleans, has lived in her home for 30 years. She proudly raised her three children in her home. Her favorite memories in New Orleans include family gatherings, venturing the city… Read More >


John and Beverly Pierce

We are proud to announce John and Beverly Pierce as our November homeowners of the month! The couple has invested years in the city of New Orleans. They raised their only son in the home. Mrs. Pierce worked for years… Read More >

Jessie Mae Macgee

Ms. Jessie Mae Magee

RTNO is excited to feature Ms. Jessie Mae Magee, our October homeowner of the month, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month! In 2004, Ms. Magee was diagnosed with the disease, and after a long fight she went into remission in… Read More >

Ernest Watson

Mr. Ernest Watson

Ernest Watson has lived in his historic home in the Bywater neighborhood since 1984. Born and raised in New Orleans, Mr. Watson didn’t leave the city until he joined the Army in 1953 where he served for 20 years and… Read More >

Durel Freeman

Mr. Durel Freeman

Mr. Durel Freeman, 73, has lived in the raised creole cottage located in Algiers since he was 6 months old and inherited the house from his late parents. Mr. Freeman served in the United States Army as a gunner then… Read More >

Sara and Theresa

Homeowner of the Month: Theresa Llopis

The Llopis family moved into a newly built house in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans in 1953. The house has been a home to the family ever since, and was eventually passed on to Theresa.

As the siblings… Read More >

A Homeowner’s Story: Ms. Vivian Mason

By RTNO Homeowner Ms. Vivian Mason

The Friday before the storm, I was unaware of the Category 4 hurricane, named Katrina, heading towards New Orleans. With not much worry in my heart, I ended that Friday night like any… Read More >

Ms. Muse

A Homeowner’s Story: Mrs. Michele Muse

By RTNO Homeowner Mrs. Michele Muse

The Sunday before Hurricane Katrina, I went to church with my family, but we heard some unexpected news from our pastor that would change our lives. Midway through the service, my pastor quickly… Read More >

Homeowner of the Month: Ms. Hall

A Homeowner’s Story: Ms. Viola Hall

By Ms. Viola Hall, RTNO Homeowner

The first hurricane I experienced was Hurricane Betsy in 1965; this storm brought high water and strong winds to the City of New Orleans. Although my children and I didn’t have to leave… Read More >

Harold Lyons

A Homeowner’s Story: Mr. Harold Lyons

By Mr. Harold Lyons, RTNO Homeowner

After serving in the Vietnam War, I never thought I would have to leave my city behind until Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005. Because of my mother’s failing health, I was forced… Read More >

Homeowner of the Month: Mr. John Gross2

A Homeowner’s Story: Mr. John Gross

By Mr. John Gross, RTNO Homeowner

The day before Hurricane Katrina, I decided to ride out the storm in my home, just as I did with the others before. I knew the storm was headed for New Orleans, but… Read More >

A Homeowner's Story: Ms. Gloria Henry

A Homeowner’s Story: Ms. Gloria Henry

By Ms. Gloria Henry, RTNO Homeowner

The day before Hurricane Katrina, I started the morning like any other – sewing uniforms to get ready for the next school year. I heard my doorbell ring, and my children were at… Read More >

Homeowner of the Month: Ms. Denise Green

A Homeowner’s Story: Mrs. Denise Green

By Mrs. Denise Green, RTNO Homeowner

On August 29, 2005, a hurricane named Katrina hit New Orleans. My name is Denise Green, and my Bruxelles Street home in Gentilly was flooded. The flood began; and I found myself, my… Read More >

Mr. Charlie Taylor: Homeowner of the Month

By Jessica Perrault & Robert Haynes

Mr. Charlie Taylor, 81, has always lived by the philosophy of walking by faith, and not by sight alone. His guiding principle has continually been his faith in the Lord, saying, “You must always… Read More >

Homeowner of the Month: Ms. Delores

Ms. Delores Carter

Whether it’s rain or shine, Ms. Delores, 62, can be seen walking a block or two to the bus stop from her sister’s Louisiana Ave. home, and then riding on the local bus for 10 miles to get to her… Read More >

Christmas House

Adolph and Mary Christmas

For three years after Hurricane Katrina displaced him from his Gentilly home, Adolph Christmas worked at a hotel in Lafayette. During his shifts, he often found himself on the east side of the building’s third floor, where the windows looked… Read More >

Barbara Turner

Barbara Turner

A life long resident of New Orleans, Barbara Turner has lived in the Esplanade Ridge neighborhood since she was nineteen years old. In 1968, Ms. Turner’s parents purchased this historic house at 2335 Ursulines Avenue where they raised their five… Read More >

Eva Francis

Eva Francis

Ms. Eva Francis is a very pleasant woman living in Holy Cross neighborhood. Ms. Francis was born in Tylertown, Mississippi in 1945, but Louisiana has been her home for 54 years. In 1971, she purchased her house on 5531 Burgundy… Read More >

Barbra Hansell-1

George and Barbra Hansell

George and Barbra Hansell, New Orleans natives, purchased their home in the Gentilly neighborhood in 1996. They lived there happily for nearly ten years until Hurricane Katrina flooded their home with eight feet of water. With their home in an… Read More >

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

Ms. Sarah Williams and her husband, both New Orleans Natives, have known each other since they were small children. They had four beautiful daughters together and were married over 40 years before Mr. Williams passed away. They bought their home… Read More >

Enox Ragland

Enox Ragland

Originally from North Carolina, Mr. Enox Ragland moved to New Orleans in 1984 where he raised his son and spent many years working in a lumberyard until his arthritis and high blood pressure forced him to retire. In March 2005,… Read More >

Johnette Mistretta

Born and raised in New Orleans, Johnette Mistretta had never set foot outside of the city until Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. She was extremely proud of the lovely home in Gentilly she’d made for herself, her three children (Jessica… Read More >

Madge Goff

Madge Goff, 84 years old, has dedicated her life to taking care of her family. She was happy to be able to stay home and raise her son and daughter while her husband worked. Now a widow, Ms. Goff still… Read More >

Lawanda McGraw

Lawanda McGraw

Ms. Lawanda McGraw, a single mother of two, purchased her home in the Broadmoor neighborhood in 1997. As an artist that has had her work featured at Xavier University and as a member of both the St. Rita and St.… Read More >

Denise Henry

Denise Henry

When Hurricane Katrina forced Denise Henry and her family to evacuate New Orleans to Texas, they did not anticipate the journey that was ahead of them. Her big yellow home, which she shares with her brother Ulysses, in the Mid-City… Read More >

Mr Joseph

Mr. Joseph

Mr. Joseph bought his home in the Gentilly neighborhood in 1995. “Mr. Vincent built a good one,” he says, referring to the builder who constructed his yellow shotgun house. The frame, made from cypress, still stands strong, but the inside… Read More >

Ms. Saylor

Bridgett Saylor

Ms. Bridgett Saylor’s home in the Hollygrove neighborhood has been passed down for five generations. With their home left uninhabitable from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Saylor family lived in an East Jefferson shelter for three months until they returned… Read More >

Rosary McCaskill

Rosary McCaskill

New Orleans native Rosary McCaskill is a 51 year old single mother of two. A retired eye clinic coordinator, Ms. McCaskill suffers from anxiety, thyroid problems, osteoporosis and arthritis. Regardless, Ms. McCaskill loves her community and is an active member… Read More >

Alice Cousin

Ms. Alice Cousin

Ms. Alice Cousin, 81 was born and raised in the Hollygrove neighborhood. She inherited her house from her parents and raised her son and daughter in Hollygrove. She has memories of wonderful days she… Read More >

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