Melanie Edmond


Neighborhood: Algiers Riverview
Architecture Style: Creole Cottage

Melanie Edmond, 66 years old, born and raised in New Orleans, has lived in her home for 30 years. She proudly raised her three children in her home. Her favorite memories in New Orleans include family gatherings, venturing the city with her friends when she was young, and most importantly meeting her husband in her high school Spanish class.

Mrs. Edmond’s children still live here so she gets to spend a lot of valuable time with them and babysit her grandchildren. She relishes retirement by enjoying her home, visiting her family, and being involved in her community. Before retirement, Mrs. Edmond worked as a billing manager at LSU Medical Center.

Unfortunately her husband recently passed away leaving her devastated and unable to keep up with necessary repairs and modifications. Since the passing of her husband, she has faced health issues including a hip replacement to treat injuries from falling. She relies on a walker to move around and thinks in the near future she will need a wheelchair. The inaccessibility of her home can cause safety concerns as she continues to age and other health concerns seem to rise. Mrs. Edmond is very is eager to get the accessibility modifications needed to the home to keep her safe while living there alone.

Thanks to RTNO’s supporters and volunteers, the home will be revitalized with safe at home modifications, energy-efficiency repairs, and beautification efforts to help her regain her physical and financial independence.

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