Located a few minutes across the Mississippi river from downtown New Orleans, the thriving community of Tunisburg “McClendonville” Algiers welcomes visitors and neighbors. The residents agree that it is “a place like no other in the city.” It is the only neighborhood in New Orleans with its “own” bridge, the Crescent City Connection, which provides a famous landmark into the city. It also has its “own” ferry operation between Old Algiers Point and Canal Street, which makes it easily accessible to and from downtown.

Since its establishment in 1850, the Tunisburg “McClendonvile” community has been embedded with an extraordinary fabric of rich southern history, music, food, and cultural diversity. We’ve seen the pride and camaraderie reflected throughout the Neighborhood Association. McClendonville is known for its treasured landmarks: the Frostop, Todd Shipyard, its renowned rhythm and blues artist Clarence “Frogman” Henry and the world legendary American jazz clarinetist, the deceased George Lewis, and its extraordinary educational system: Harriet Ross Tubman Elementary School, Oliver Perry Walker Senior High School, and Delgado Community College.

Tunisburg “McClendonville” It is one of the most unique neighborhoods known for its distinctiveness and viability due to its phenomenal land use activity. The community is adjacent to a state of the art international soccer stadium complex, Behrman Memorial Park, and Federal City; this makes Tunisburg “McClendonville” an ideal place to live.

The Tunisburg “McClendonville” Square Homeowners Civic Association was established in 1969 through the efforts of its founder, Mrs. Frances Hudson. She methodical planned and envisioned stakeholders of the McClendonville community empowered with property ownership and advised them on the proper maintenance and upkeep of their property. As the vision of the Association evolved, its membership and the community’s involvement increased. Thus far, the Association has served its 6,785 constituents by undertaking several successful projects—General Meyer Streetscape Project, Developing the cultural arts tax incentives, Night out against Crime, Walking the Beat Project and Neighborhood Clean Swipe.

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