Aug 2011

Creative Use of Reuse: Mardi Gras Bead Coasters

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Orlando OJ Monegas, RTNO House Captain

In the wake of Mardi Gras, my roommates and I were faced with a mound of beads sitting in the middle of our living room. The week before was spent a hootin’ and a hollerin’ to collect any of the goods thrown from the parade—all only to end up in a pile on the floor. About to grab a plastic bag to throw away the necklaces of painted plastic, I felt guilty about the amount of trash created. Hoping to use at least some of these necklaces, I grabbed a handful of beads and draped them over our dining table chairs to liven our place up.

While at the table, I noticed these boring cork coasters and hot pads that are just bland enough to blend into the wood grain. I snipped a few of the necklaces and laid out a pattern on one of them. Liking my work, I decided to make this more permanent with a little bit of hot glue. Before you know it I became obsessed with making personalized coasters for everyone in our house. The trick was making sure the beads were all of same dimensions to create a level coaster and the beads were compacted evenly and well-spaced. So before you throw your pile of plastic beads—think again!

Feeling inspired?

The ReUse District, a first-of-its-kind network of New Orleans businesses and organizations founded to promote the awareness and accessibility of reused materials, has complied a list of ways for “Everyday ReUse” of household items.

Have a closest cluttered with the spoils of Mardi Gras? Clear up some space and make everyday a little more carnival by exploring these 11 Ways to ReUse Mardi Gras Beads. Look into this and other “Everyday ReUse” ideas at the ReUse District’s website at http://thereusedistrict.org/how-to/

If you have any of your own creative reuse stories or have reused salvaged materials in your home or project, the Preservation Salvage Store would love to see them. Send you pictures and/or stories to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and receive a discount from the Preservation Salvage Store! Check out their website at http://bit.ly/kidMVL

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