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Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans

Rebuilding Together New Orleans is one of the 7 major programs of the Preservation Resource Center. Since 1974, the Preservation Resource Center (PRC) has been working to revitalize the historic neighborhoods of New Orleans. By working with communities, developing resources, and implementing an array of programs, the PRC has helped to preserve the architecture that makes our city unique.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the PRC has assisted over 5,000 families in saving their homes and brought over 100 low income families back to their homes while doubling the size of its staff and budget. The PRC champions efforts to rebuild New Orleans in a way that is sensitive to its past and its heritage. In this time of our city’s greatest need, the PRC is open to everyone needing assistance with housing issues.

For more information visit the Preservation Resource Center.

Rebuilding Together, Inc.

Rebuilding Together New Orleans is the most productive affiliate of Rebuilding Together National. Rebuilding Together is the nation’s leading nonprofit working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities. The Rebuilding Together network of more than 200 affiliates provides free rehabilitation and critical repairs to the homes of low-income Americans.

As the economic pressure on low-income families grows, more and more families are placed in the position of choosing between vital necessities and essential home repairs and modifications.

Rebuilding Together believes in a safe and healthy home for every person. This includes goals of: giving disabled and aging homeowners the ability to remain in their homes for as long as possible, helping homeowners displaced by natural disaster get back into safe housing and helping our nation’s veterans with disabilities keep safe and accessible homes. Rebuilding Together believes in preserving affordable homeownership and revitalizing communities by providing free home modifications and repairs, making homes safer, more accessible, and more energy efficient.

For more information visit Rebuilding Together.

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