Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RTNO) Staff

Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RTNO) has a dedicated staff that works tirelessly to serve the citizens of New Orleans. Many hours of volunteer work are put in every day to ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Office Team
Executive Director - William Stoudt
Program Manager - Kat Schweitzer
Homeowner Relations Manager - Ruby Toolin
CFO - Anh Nga Geauthreaux
Field Staff
Construction Manager - Alex Thibadoux
Senior Field Operations Coordinator - Sam VanTassel
Field Operations Coordinator - Amber Hammel
Field Operations Coordinator - Michael Tu
AmeriCorps Members
VISTA--Joshua Hassett (Youth Development Coordinator)
VISTA-- Ella Colbert (Youth Curriculum Coordinator)
Rebuilding Together New Orleans

Contact Information

Rebuilding Together New Orleans 504-264-1815

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