Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RTNO) Staff

The Rebuilding Together New Orleans team is made up of 16 stellar individuals who work hard every day to accomplish our mission!

Office Team
Executive Director - William Stoudt
Chief Financial Officer - Anh Nga Geauthreaux
Director of Communications - Kat Schweitzer
Homeowner Relations Manager - Olivia Parker
Education Coordinator - Ella Colbert
Rebuilding Together Bayou Director - Max Manasevit
Field Staff
Director of Field Operations - Peyton Juneau
Construction Manager - Julian Graff
Construction Manager - Colin Ferrell
Field Operations Coordinator - Jonathan Holmes
Field Operations Coordinator - Cleo Tirado
AmeriCorps Members
Kie Abney (House Captain)
Hen Cassiday (House Captain)
Rina Christilles (House Captain)
Mariam Nyirasafari (House Captain)
Krysta Hawk (Homeowner Liaison)
Stefanie [Stevie] Manley (Homeowner Liaison)
Mya Crawford (AmeriCorps VISTA)
Rebuilding Together New Orleans

Contact Information

Rebuilding Together New Orleans 504-264-1815

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