Rebuilding Together Board and Staff

The Rebuilding Together New Orleans team is made of up experienced staff, AmeriCorps members, and board members who work tirelessly to bring our mission of repairing homes, revitalizing communities, and rebuilding lives to life. With them, they bring their own unique backgrounds, skillsets, and passion for improving the lives of our neighbors.

Our Executive Committee and Board of Directors represent a diverse group of communities and have a wealth of professional experience needed to oversee our organization. The Board understands that as a nonprofit organization, our responsibility is to serve our community in the most efficient manner to ensure we continue to help families in need for years to come.

Executive Committee

Al Melilo – Chair                                                                           Lee Curault – Treasurer

Karen Kosinski – Vice Chair                                                       Josh Walther – Secretary

Board of Directors

Brenda Lomax-Brown                                                          Josh Reed

Bryon Cornelison                                                                  Joni Tuck

Elicia Broussard-Sheridan                                                   Mike Scott

Chelsea Fitzgerald                                                                 Nancy Moragas

Jacqueline Dadakis                                                                Thom Smith

Jacob Evans                                                                             Tracy Jefferson

James Ross


William Stoudt – Executive Director                                          Anh Nga Geauthreaux – Chief Financial Officer

Kat Schweitzer – Director of Communications                        Max Manasevit – Bayou Director

Lee Shaffer – Assistant Bayou Director                                     Peyton Juneau – Director of Field Operations

Olivia Parker – Homeowner Relations Manager                      Olivia Grace – Education Coordinator

Chelsea Hayes – Homeowner Relations Assistant                   Colin Ferrell – Construction Manager

Charles Anderson – Construction Manager                              Cleo Tirado –  Field Operations Coordinator

Jonathan Holmes – Senior Field Operations Coordinator    


Daijah Guerin – House Captain                                                     Kaitlin Boling – House Captain

Anne Heinz – House Captain                                                         Kevin Richards – House Captain

Rebuilding Together New Orleans

Contact Information

Rebuilding Together New Orleans 504-264-1815

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